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renby was born on january 4th, 1704, in the city of pancakes, australia. growing up amongst shepherd dogs, they learned to join hands with the powers of light and darkness. however, their impatience to impress those around them quickly engulfed their mind, and they became corrupted by the powers of evil. with time, they gained enough wisdom to master their own life power and live forever. still, though, it wasn't enough. the loneliness of having killed those they loved and everyone else outliving them began to fill them with grief.

one night, a hunter came to avenge their ancestors who had been killed by renby. on their quiet estate, many different dogs of sizes and shapes slept soundly. the hunter slipped by, made of shadows and little moth-like wings. as they crept into renby's bedroom, the immortal being faced the opposite wall. they were awake, but there was no point in making a big show of it. as the hunter killed them, they opened their eyes and smiled calmly. a great wave of black mist rose up into the sky, escaping from their corpse.

years later, a being named rem was created, purged of all evil. they liked dogs and cute things a lot
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