i had my weekly therapy meeting today, and im doing well now .. i did a bit. i did my laundry and i washed my hair and i took out a number of empty boxes that have been loitering around my living room, which makes me feel very good to see gone. id like to have a very nice looking apartment, with lots of cleanliness and decorations everywhere.. maybe i should put out a notice to my friends asking for art pieces to hang up on my walls, big or small, anything is good here..
i wrote down a good list of things in a notebook i havent used in ages and im looking to use again because i think its good to have a physical notebook handy. i also purchased an alarm clock that will arrive soon, but id like to also have a side table to put it on. im wondering if i can explore around my neighborhood for free things..?
i woke up late today. 3:45 PM or so. im hoping to improve that this week with the motivation of making my apartment look nice and also getting back into my exercise habits.
a thing that has been bugging me has been my computer not working properly, or rather, my external hard drive? i want to update my game i play (genshin impact) but it cant seem to work with the files correctly and so i havent been able to play in days since the new version released. id really like to. its a gacha game and each day im able to collect certain amounts of in-game currency to spend on the gacha aspect, and theres a character i would like to pull for who is arriving at the end of the month.
i also tried embroidering today and i regretted not using a tutorial of some sort. time to try that again another day. maybe tomorrow. there's quite a few things to do tomorrow. i want to exercise and figure out how to plan to take the bus and also send a message to my elderly father's doctor and also do some art on my easel and .. er.. oh! the new season of one of my favorite shows, The Owl House created by dana terrace, is releasing the first episode tomorrow.. thats not a good sentence. the first episode of the new season is coming out tomorrow and im veryvery excited. i like the show.
id also like to figure out how to get some plants in here and decorate my bathroom as well. ah, its so empty. some plants would help. and also converting my extra mattress into a couch would be good. i need to go to ikea. i need to make a date to go to ikea and to also go to a nursery that i happen to have coupons for. yes. all of these things.
i havent even mentioned my screenplay. i havent worked on it today, but i do think i feel more energized for it, perhaps.. ???????????????????????????????????????????????? i think some concept art would help me, really..
i also have a commission i should really be working on but i havent in days. the commissioner has been really patient. im glad for that.

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