june 2nd, 2021

i went outside! really insane shit. i walked a mile to the park and saw a lot of people. it was strange, and my legs are tired. im glad i went out, since i need to take the train tomorrow and i like to know my route ahead of time. my cat has a better appetite today too, though shes still very sleepy.
i think i've listened to the new pinocchiop song at least ten times today? here it is:

its really fantastic, definitely one of my favorites of his. pinocchiop is my favorite overall vocaloid producer.. his songs always inspire me and make me want to dance and cry at the same time. his music was what really got me into vocaloid, to be honest, and i couldnt be more grateful for it. the fact that hes still making music is such a blessing, and hes still making GOOD music. god, i really like this song and the music video. i wasnt expecting the music video to be so good.

in other news..
i think ive hit a bit of a bump with my movie writing- i havent had enough peer review on my outline and its a little hard to revise it on my own. it seems like my friends are having trouble reading it since there are just so many words in there, so i can try to simplify it, but im not sure if it would get everything across that needs to be communicated. im still not trying to take it too seriously, so.. i guess i can start writing the screenplay just like this? im taking the train in the morning and im going to have time to write, so i think ill write on my phone a lot. also, i set up a new cat tree for my kitty and she is liking it so far and i am so glad.

lets go back home
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