june 2nd, 2021

everything's fine. i know i usually say that when everything isnt fine but everything is mostly fine right now. its 11:22 pm and i need to finish up my work as quickly as i can and head to sleep so that i can wake up in the morning for an event i am going to attend in the afternoon, and im buying groceries before that. i think its going to be fine, but you really never know, i could be hit by a truck or a meteor could crash into my face or any sort of shit might happen nobody really knows
i had a meeting with my therapist this afternoon (over the video call) and it made me feel much more sane than i did yesterday so thats all good and well.
im just waiting to be a person. maybe i am a person. i dont know. im really busy right now.
im working on an illustration redraw for the group that my friends have formed for artists looking to improve and go into the art industry. im not really looking to go into the art industry but i do want to do a bunch of shit that would benefit from me being in there and im going to be drawing anyway and wanting to get better at my illustrations so thats what im doing. the problem was that i was very busy today and i wasnt able to get a lot done in any of my projects but you know what its fine its fine.
also my shower wont give me any hot water anymore and its not fun. the water heater in my apartment is giving me an error code so im going to look up what it means and then figure that out i guess because i want to take a shower )::
other than that i think its ok i wish i had worked on my movie today but the time just goes by so quickly! how does it keep doing that?
heres what i have so far of my outline, which is only just past the inciting incident and foreshadowing and then whats next is i need to find the catalyst. after that i can start act 2 and introduce the people who are following sedum, but mostly the focus will be on myrica and sedum travelling together to .. get to the healer? i think the snailperson character i want to introduce can be the healer. AH. no . wait. maybe
i think that the catalyst will be myrica getting hurt by the monster attacking them once they get back to their camp with myrica, and then myrica tries to heal themself with their powers but it doesnt work because the wound was caused by the monster instead of just being a normal wound. then they run into the snailperson, and the snailperson leads them back to their house and is a little wizard magic user who knows some healing, but cant help sedum either and tells them about the fairy deity......er.... no, i want to change this
ok ok i need to think hard about what will work here
what if , ok, they run into each other in the forest and sedum goes woah what are you okay and myrica is like no im not okay oh god im so sorry i just crashed into you youre clearly in the middle of something oh gods im sorry oh fuck and sedum is like okay slow down its fine youre gonna be okay, lets get back to my camp bc its not safe out here
and they go back to the camp and myrica is still having a very bad time and kind of freaking out and sedum is really awkward and is like um do you need help getting back home and myrica is like NO no i cant go back home please dont make me go back and sedum is like okay i wont make you do anything but im going to be travelling in the morning and myrica is like what if you. take me with you i can be helpful i have healing powers
and sedum is like im sorry what
and myrica is like i know its a lot to ask i just met you and you dont know me but i just need to get out of here and
before they can finish, the monster rushes in and starts trying to get to myrica and sedum gets scratched protecting them but grabs their hand and runs off and is like RUN JUST RUN dont let go
wait but what if none of this happens and they just get lost in the forest instead. i think it might work better that way
they crash into each other, myrica apologises and then the monster appears again and starts trying to get to them but sedum protects them and then they both run off and end up both tripping and rolling down a hill
and while myrica is knocked out they have a vision of the fairy deity talking to them
and then sedum wakes up and they realise they have no idea where they are bc they accidentally entered the fairy forest
and they just start walking until they run into the snailperson who tells them about the fairy deity and how theyre gonna have to seek them out to heal sedum's injury that they got from the monster thats getting worse. the snailperson says that if they can gather these three special items and present them to the fairy deity on the full moon, then the fairy deity will come down and grant a wish
and so myrica and sedum go to find the three items,
ok ill be back to write more of this tomorrow evening or maybe in the morning i will try my best. i might scrap what ive written tonight. itll be ok

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