im thinking about larp, its coming up in a few months and everyone is excited. my poor energy levels are not up to really being around excited larpers at the moment, but i can .. do what i can..
ive never really been much good at hanging out at larpers, but what ive found is that i can easily make friends with the ones who are like me and a little more introverted. the loud larpers seem to overlook me a lot. im small and quiet, and when im loud it doesnt really seem to matter much besides being funny?
also, i look very sad. not in like a mean way, more in a way of i give off an aura of having depression, probably
i think it helps a lot to be silly at larp and make a lot of art for everybody as well as songs. i should buy an ocarina and get back to practicing- i used to have one but i returned it. i want my dearest larp character Nepenthes to use the ocarina and make little songs.
well, ill keep working and get back here later.
i feel kind of bad. i dont totally know the reasons why, but its a bad feeling. its lessened now over the past hour or two. im not sure what im doing today.

lets go back home
back wards