day in review

--- Day - 03/18/2020
How was my day? Achievements? Challenges?
we're all in the beginning stages of the covid-19 virus spreading throughout america. it's going pretty badly, but i'm just staying home and not thinking about it more than i have to..
i was able to draw more today and it was great. drew part of an illustration and some doodle comics that i really wanted and needed to make.
i also napped for a few hours.. that was challenging. it's hard to find the energy to do things when i'm cooped up at home.

Did I thrive or just survive? How’s my physical, emotional, and spiritual health?
ehh im ok could exercise more but i did a good job taking care of myself today hooray! im going to sit down and meditate tomorrow if i dont fall into another nap cycle
Were relationships thriving or just surviving?
i didnt get to chat much with friends today, or anybody. maybe with family members, it was ok, but i mostly kept to myself.
had a good day chilling with cam.
What gave me energy? Joy? Hope? Inspiration? Gratefulness?
cat. cat . cat . cat . image of future cat in my head.. and cam
What did I learn today? About myself? Others?
i learned.. hmm.. well, i learned that i can do things if i start out slowly and sort of force myself to do it but then i can get in the zone and have fun! and i like working with ambient music like lullatone (legendary music) ok! thats it for now! cam is helping me update the website more.

lets go back home