there's something incredibly special about hatsune miku. it's not that she's the most widely recognized virtual pop star in history, or even how she's persisted in popularity for over a decade. miku is a symbol for so many things, but she's also an instrument. at her core of functionality, she is a tool and a singer. she has no thoughts, and she cannot control her actions. at best, she is a puppet with vocal chords. there's nothing inherently alive about miku.

and yet, here we are. i love miku so much that i'm here, often telling my friends how much i admire the newly released songs from producers using her voice. i'm here, not doing my homework because i wanted to write a testimonial about miku.
it's easy to get swept up in the hype. she's amazing, but the producers really deserve the credit.
i don't know everything, i guess. i think of miku as something that has created an entire community of composers, giving a literal voice to those without one in their songs. she represents complete creative freedom, and that's incredibly important. since she's not real, she can do whatever she wants, and producers can make her sing whatever they want. surprisingly, her actions don't get confused with one another depending on who is controlling her. they actually seem to make her more lovable and easy to relate to for her fans.
with this complete creative freedom, miku has been used for more songs than any other artist, ever. there are so many people working with her that she could have multiple hits released each month just from different producers who have build their brand off of her voice. it's like she can just go on forever. no health problems or scandals or anything.

it's.. honestly a little difficult for me to explain why i like her so much. i like her, but i love what she stands for even more. she's an idol, but she's an idol of the people most of all. so many songs have been made that it's impossible for someone to not relate to at least one of them. the lyrics can be haunting in one song by a producer who focuses on horror themes, such as the Bad End Night series, while the next song could be an upbeat pop tune celebrating the wondrous joy of winter and christmas, such as MitchieM's Love! Snow! Really Magic! song that was released as miku's official theme song for Snow Miku back in 2014. there's also a huge section for songs with underlying or very obvious themes of mental illness and struggling with suicidal thoughts, so that definitely gained a giant audience of people who desperately needed some songs to cry to about that. rolling girl by wowaka, who passed away in april of 2019 of congestive heart failure, is a beloved song to me. there are songs about complex relationship problems and feelings that i've just never seen captured in any other musician's work, and definitely not with so much prominence or a fanbase ready to translate and interpret to their heart's content.
it's also a lot of fun to just listen to her voice, and how different producers tend to use it and style it differently. the way that miku's voice sounds is specifically called "tuning" in the community, and each producer has a recognizable style along with their distinct music composition and themes. i really like how wiggly her voice can be.

my favourite is probably pinocchioP. i just think he's neat. i love the style of his songs and his subjects feel very genuine while also retaining a sense of absurdity and oddity that fits just with my tastes. a lot of vocaloid songs tend to have either stories or overarching messages for the listener, and pinocchioP definitely has some admirable ones in his work.
that doesn't mean that a vocaloid song has to have a serious tone to be good, though. miku stands for so many things that she could probably be in a song about anything and it would still be beloved. her most popular performances have come from songs that are either humor-based or lighthearted bops. viva viva happy, triple baka, that sort of thing.
i like miku a lot. i've learned that a lot of the songs she stars in speak to me very deeply, and even to my characters and stories that i write. they're very good and special, and i love them.
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